Review of 7 Wonders

7 Wonders is a great casual game that scales well from two to seven players with a play time of around 30-60 minutes.

+1 Scales well from three to seven players.
+1 Short play time of an hour or less.
+0.5 Consistent play time for any number of players since players take their actions simultaneously.
+1 Colourful and polished ancient world theme.
+1 Accessible game play for people new to board games.
+0.5 No direct player interference.

+0 Setup time is fast, but card decks need to be changed for different numbers of players.
+0 Game is easy to learn except for a few abstract symbols on the cards.

-0.5 Is playable with two players but involves a dummy player.
-0.5 Hard to form effective long-term strategies due to randomness of the cards with higher player counts.

Score: 4