Puzzle Variant for Runebound

Runebound 2nd Edition is a fantasy adventure board game where the players move around the board, fighting monsters, acquiring items/allies and competing to defeat High Lord Margath or collect three dragon runes.

A unique mechanic of Runebound is the terrain dice. A simple variant is to strip away all the monsters, items, combat and character powers, leaving just the terrain dice and movement around the board.


1. Remove the encounter cards, equipment cards, character cards and all tokens except the encounter tokens.

2. Each player chooses a character as per normal and places it on a starting city.

3. All encounter spaces on the board are covered with tokens according to colour. The tokens can be laid number side up to assist in easier decision making.


Each player takes their turn as follows.

1. Roll the terrain dice. The number of dice used is based on the number of players. Two/three players use 5 dice, four/five players use 4 dice and six or more players use 3 dice.

2. Move according to the terrain dice and pick up the tokens from the spaces. The player may pick up more than one token during one move. A player may not finish their move on the same hex as another player.

The game ends when there are no more tokens left on the board. Each player counts up the value of the tokens they have collected and the player with the highest number wins.