Torchdale v0.1 released

Torchdale is a refinement of the original Torchlight 2. This mod changes aspects of the core game to reduce the complexity for casual/new players and to focus on meaningful gameplay.

Torchdale v0.1 is available here:

Major Features
Removed identify scrolls and the need to identify items.
Removed fame.
Removed fumble chance.
Removed attribute requirements on items.
Reduced the level requirements on items.

Full Changelog
Characters have zero chance of fumbling.
References to fumbling have been removed from the dexterity mouse over on the character GUI panel.
Fame is no longer awarded.
References to fame have been removed from the character GUI panel and main menu resume mouse over.
Items are always identified.
Scrolls of identify have been removed.
The identify spell has been removed.
Items no longer have attribute requirements.
The level requirement for rare and unique items has been reduced.

Torchdale will have no future updates. See Design Notes for Torchdale for how the modification may have developed.